Who we are

Our website address is https://madvps.com. We do care about the protection of clients’ data. This privacy policy has been created to protect the data of our visitors shared via our site.

What information we collect from you and why


When you comment on the quality of our service on the website, we collect the information available in the form. Besides, we collect your IP address as well as the browser user agent. We do this to detect spam.

 What Are Cookies and Why Do We Store Cookies?

Whenever you enter our site, we send one or several cookie files to your computer or any other device used to visit our platform. We use cookies intending to improve the service quality and store the personal settings of our clients. It’s done to simplify the use of our site. When you comment on something, we may store your personal data (email, name) for your convenience. There is no need to fill in any details each time you want to give us your feedback in the form of a comment. The same algorithm with cookies is valid within a year.

 When a visitor logs in, we may store the information used to log in. The login type of cookies lasts for 2 days. Besides, we may save your screen options that will last for one year. If you want your login to be saved for 2 weeks, then, you can choose the option “Remember Me”. Take into account that when you log out, we’ll remove the cookies.

How long we have access to your personal details

We do our best for our clients to have access to the personal details shared via our site.  You have full control over your data. You may ask us to edit or delete your details. We may ask clients to confirm their personality to provide the request information.

When you comment on something on our site, your comment, as well as the metadata, are stored for an indefinite period. It’s done with the aim to make it easier to recognize the comments from you in the future. Thanks to this procedure, your comments will appear on the site immediately without the need to wait for the moderator’s approval.

 Registered users can save and edit their personal details in the account. You can delete or make changes to the information at any time. Our administrators also have access to your profile details and can edit information. Take into account that the username can’t be changed in the profile.

What Rights Do Our Clients Have

All the users who have passed registration on our website or commented on our service products have the right to see what details we store. You can request the file with the information you have sent to us and find out what details we hold at any time. We want to draw your attention to the fact that the file won’t contain the details we ask for legal and safety purposes. Any comments you leave on our website may be checked with the help of the special spam detection service automatically.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Our team may correct any points of the existing Privacy Policy. All the changes we make will be displayed on the same page of our site. Check the Privacy Policy from time to time to be aware of any changes made to our Privacy Policy.